Hi, I’m Yejin Eo

I'm a designer based in Melbourne, Australia, with an understanding of the end-to-end design process. I'm passionate about discovering solutions and improving products through design. I have extensive experience designing multiple products’ UX/UI across various platforms. My strengths are outstanding user-centric design, a collaborative attitude, and a strong growth mindset.

The people who worked with me said.

Gi-young Shin
Product Designer

Yejin is passionate about design and is always looking for ways to improve her skills and knowledge. She demonstrated the ability to identify problems, analyze design solutions, and create compelling and effective designs. She is also a strong team player and has a collaborative approach to design, working effectively with other teams.

Rebecca (Jiyoon) Lim
Co-founder of "TOONING"

As a UX design intern at Toonsquare, Hannah(Yejin Eo) showed great flair and integrity, and when she joined the company after graduation, she stood out not only as a UX/UI designer but also as a marketer. She is not only proficient in various design software and video programs that designers have to deal with, but also has the ability to plan and complete differentiated content and services with her own sense of style. She also excels in content marketing, including social media marketing based on the content she has planned and completed. I am very grateful to have worked with Hannah and would definitely like to work with her in some form if there is an opportunity in the future. I think Hannah is a prepared designer with future capabilities in the era of the 4th industrial revolution.

Outside of Work!

I am a small business owner specializingin designing my own animal characters and producing small accessories and stationery based on them.

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As a hobby, I engage in video editing. I run a Korean YouTube channel where I document my daily life.

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I love to draw portrait paintings that capture a variety of vibrant colors, which express a happiness vibe.

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